Technical requirements

In order to ensure that the SIX Swiss Exchange AG Website is displayed completely and correctly, your technological infrastructure should fulfil the following minimum requirements:

For the reliable availability of all services, we recommend the use of rapid means of Internet data transmission such as ISDN, a cable modem, ADSL, fixed-line connection, etc.

Supported browsers
Internet Explorer 11

We test our website with Internet Explorer 11. Other browsers or versions may also work, but have not been tested. Should you want to use a browser or version other than Internet Explorer 11, please verify that all of our applications are behaving correctly.

Browser settings
Your browser must be enabled to execute JavaScript and Java Applets, otherwise some applications will not work. The SIX Swiss Exchange AG Website is based on WEB 2.0 functionality such as Ajax (asynchronous HTTP requests). Please ensure that Ajax functions are not blocked in your Internet setup (e.g. browser settings or firewall) and, if you have any questions in this regard, get in touch with your IT department or system administrator.

Java 1.6.x plug-in (freely available)

Tracking technologies ("cookies")

The SIX Swiss Exchange AG Website plants so-called "cookies" in your system. A cookie is a small text file that our Web server sends to the Internet browser and is saved on your computer. As a result, we are able to re-identify the user upon his/her next visit to the Website.

Changes to technical details

SIX Swiss Exchange AG reserves the right to update these technical details. It is recommended that this site be visited on a regular basis.